Steger Haus Restaurant 

Dinner Menu


Shrimp Cocktail, four jumbo ---------------------------------------$9.95
Clams Casino, ½ dozen Cherry Stone Clams--------------------------------- $9.95
Battered Mushrooms------------------------------------------------ $5.75
Mozzarella Sticks, deep fried to perfection, served with marina sauce--- $5.75
Chicken wings, served with hot sauce or bleu cheese----------- $5.75
Potato skins, with melted cheddar cheese and real bacon bits-------------- $6.75
Homemade Soup n Salad Bar-------------------------------------$8.95

Specialties of the Haus

Sauerbraten mit Noodles pickled sliced roast beef in sweet sour gravy---------------------$14.95

Weiner-Schnitzel thin & tender veal breaded and sautéed in lemon butter,                                 

                            Served with garlic noodles or choice of potato----------------------------- $16.95
Jaeger-Schnitzel breaded pork steak sautéed in lemon butter,                                                      

                            Served with garlic noodles or choice of potato---------------------------- $16.95

Bratwurst & Sauerkraut Smoked sausage broiled, served with sauerkraut---------------$16.95
 Fresh Pork Chops       Broiled to your pleasure, served with applesauce------------ (1)---$13.95

                            Also Cajun or Montreal seasoning                                              (2)-----$16.95

Weiner Zwiebel Rostbraten New York Strip broiled to your pleasure,                                      
                            Served with garlic noodles or choice of potato--------------------- -------$19.95

             Chicken Schnitzel boneless breast of chicken breaded and sautéed in lemon butter                 

                                            Served with garlic noodles or choice of potato---------------------------- $16.95

Vegetarian Platter California mixed vegetables sautéed with garlic butter, sprinkled                 

                            With grated parmesan cheese, served over angel hair pasta-------------$14.95

Prime Rib of Beef                        Regular $17.95                      King Cut  $26.95      

       Saturday and Sunday – slow cooked and arrives with savory au jus                        

Roast Sirloin of Beef slices of roast beef with au jus, or our own homemade gravy------$14.95

New York Strip Steak Broiled to your pleasure----------------------------------------------- $17.95

Delmonico Steak broiled to your taste & served on a slice of toasted bread----------------$16.95

Ham Steak broiled and served with our own fruit sauce---------------------------------------$13.95

Reef & Beef N.Y. Strip Steak & King Crab Legs with draw butter                                               

                             Or choice of Shrimp or Scallop----------------------------------------Market Price


Seafood fra Diavolo served with Spicy marinara sauce, Over angel hair pasta----------- $19.95

Seafood Scampi served with fresh mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and                                      

                             Scallions over angel hair pasta--------------------------------------------- $19.95

1 lb. Alaskan King Crab with drawn butter-----------------------------------------$36.95

Haddock Dinner fried, Friday nights only-----------------------------------------------------$12.95

Broiled Shrimp & Scallops Casino peppers, onions, crabmeat, Italian bread crumbs,            

                             With strips of bacon--------------------------------------------------------- $17.95

Scallops Broiled with our own special lemon butter------------------------------------------$16.95

Scallops Deep Fried to perfection.-------------------------------------------------------------- $14.95

Butterfly shrimp deep fried to perfection------------------------------------------------------ $14.95


Garlic Chicken and Broccoli over angel hair pasta-------------------------------------------- $16.95

Chicken French Boneless breast sautéed in Chablis wine------------------------------------- $16.95

Charbroiled Chicken Breast marinated boneless breast of chicken                                             

                             Served of rice pilaf------------------------------------------------------------- $16.95

Chicken Parmesan boneless breast of chicken served with our own                                             

                             Marinara sauce with melted mozzarella cheese---------------------------- $17.95

Chicken Marsala boneless breast sautéed in Marsala wine with mushrooms,                               

                              Scallions and sundried tomatoes-------------------------------------------- $17.95

Veal French thin and tender dipped in our egg batter, sautéed &                                             

                             Covered with a white wine sauce--------------------------------------------- $16.95

Veal Tarragon thin and tender sautéed with Chablis wine & Tarragon seasoning---------$16.95

Veal Parmesan thin and tender with our own marinara sauce                                                  

                             With melted mozzarella cheese------------------------------------------------$17.95

Veal Marsala thin and tender sautéed in Marsala wine with mushrooms,                               

                             Scallion and sundried tomatoes-----------------------------------------------$17.95


No separate checks for parties larger than six people

All dinner entrees include Soup ‘n Salad Bar and choice of potato


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